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Endurance Riding in an Australian Saddle

Obviously, we love that there are riders out there enjoying the great outdoors with their horse and in one of our Australian saddles. We know that there are so many ways to enjoy a days ride out. No matter the discipline, we certainly want riders to be comfortable while out there. Of course that goes for the horse as well.  […]

How to ride in an Australian Saddle 

Riding in an Australian saddle is for sure, going to feel different from what you have been riding in. Whether it is an English style saddle or if it is a Western saddle that you are used to riding in there are core difference in the Australian saddle style of riding.  An Australian saddle was originally called a poley or […]

Best Saddles for Draft Horses

Finding a saddle to properly fit a draft or draft cross horse can be a challenge. Because there are many conformations in the various Draft breeds, a saddle that is specifically called a draft saddle is not a guarantee to fit all draft horses. Here are some points to consider for draft saddles Light weight saddles compared to a traditional […]

What makes a Wool Felt Saddle Pad superior to other types of Saddle Pads?

When it comes to saddle pads, it turns out the old timers had it right. The natural fibres they were using are still the best material to put against your horse. There are a few good reasons why wool still rates higher than other materials in studies done on saddle pad performance. In recent years the use of synthetic materials […]