Sheepskin Girth Cover

$99.00 CAD

For the ultimate in horse comfort and heat reduction. All Genuine wool comforters will fit most Australian and Western girths. Not synthetic fleece but pure wool shearlings


Material – Genuine Sheepskin

Colour – Black, brown, grey, white

Made By – Bad Dog Ranch

How to clean: Dry cleanable. Or machine wash or hand wash at a maximum of 35C or 95F. Wash with mild wool detergent. Do not use detergents containing enzymes. Spin to remove excess water.

Dry: Dry on a line or dry flat. Stretch to shape will still damp. Do not dry in direct sunlight or artificial heat. Always allow sheepskin to dry slowly. Do Not Tumbling Dry

General Care: Brisk shaking and regular brushing of the wool helps to restore the soft, fluffy appearance and feel of the sheepskin


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