Bad Dog Ranch Felt Saddle Pad

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Felt saddle pad that is Canadian made, with North American wool felt. Made for endurance, trail and Australian style saddles with a regular length flap. These saddle pads have a wither relief cut out and a tab at the front for tying if desired to the saddle. Nylon webbing strap to hold the sweat flap on Australian saddles helps prevent slippage. Wear leathers add protection and better durability. Leather along the spine of the saddle and contoured for a better fit.

Wool felt has been proven to be the best fabric for saddle pads. The benefits of felt are: Wicks moisture, conforms naturally to the horse’s back, and breathes which allows air flow through the pad. This prevents heat build up, allowing your horse to stay cool in the warmer riding season and warm in the cooler riding season.

Length is 26.5″ along the spine and Width is 40″. Can be custom made for a different length if desired.

*Leathers will vary in colour. If you are looking for a specific colour please ask as we stock different colours at certain times.


➼ Fabric: 100% Wool Felt (F11)
➼ Colour: Gray Felt with Black, Brown, Blue Antique Red, or Red leather
➼ Wither Relief
➼ Contoured Spine
➼ Sweat Flap Keeper Strap
➼ Saddle Ties

➼ Dimensions: Spine: 26.5″ X 40″ wide

➼ Brand: Bad Dog Ranch

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Saddle Pad thickness

1/2", 1/4", 3/8"

1 review for Bad Dog Ranch Felt Saddle Pad

  1. Mandy Spottiswoode

    I just thought I’d let you know how much I like the wool saddle pad I got from you recently! I went for a very long ride the other day and it was a hot day (at least for us here on the coast!).  When I unsaddled, the pad weighed about 3 times what it did when I saddled up.  It had absorbed so much sweat that my horses back was relatively dry.  Using a cotton pad, his back would have been much sweatier. I also found a great way to wash the pad – I simply hosed if off and after it had dried, brushed out the accumulated hair.

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