Chamberlain’s Saddle Soap

$29.95 CAD

Saddle Washing Soap Formula No. 7 is a natural, water-based mélange of vital emollients and nutrients created to clean and lightly condition leather saddles and bridles. Made in USA.

Made with handpicked, environmentally friendly ingredients that penetrate and purify leather’s fibers while maintaining a gentle effect. Naturally formulated without added dye or scent irritants – meaning it’s safe for both you and your horse!

Includes a FREE reusable cotton terry leather protector applicator pad for best results!

12 oz


➼ Ingredients:water based emolliants. No dyes or scent irritants
➼ Use: Saddle cleaner before adding oils and conditioners
➼ Shelf Life: indefinitely
➼ Use with: cloth provided
➼ Made By: Chamberlain’s


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