Bad Dog Ranch Australian Stock Saddle

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You’ll immediately experience the benefits of this affordable general purpose Aussie stock saddle. The deep seat, knee pads and lightweight saddle makes this an ideal choice for riders looking to avoid any heavy lifting and the safety it provides while out trail riding.

Quality smooth leather gives this saddle an elegant look. Built with a suspended webbed seat for immediate comfort, no breaking in period necessary! Perfect for all day riding.

The serge panel conforms to your horse’s back which provides comfort for your horse. All Bad Dog Ranch Australian Stock saddles have an adjustable gullet. Send us your horse’s wither tracing and we can adjust the gullet to be sure of it’s fit.

This saddle comes with; 2.5″ colour matched stirrup leathers, a fleece or felt girth, and stirrups! All saddles come with a back cinch D ring.

Just a note to let you know that our new stock of brown leather saddles are now with black stitching and stainless steel hardware. All new black saddles have black stitching. At this point we have a mix of both of the older style and the new. When ordering a new saddle we will let you know if it has the new colour combination. 

We recommend the Bad Dog Ranch Wool Saddle Pads with this saddle. The thickness in the pad depends on the needs of your horse. Click here

It is important for us to be able to properly fit these saddles to your horse or horses. We like to see the wither and back tracings, as well as side view pictures of your horse. Also check out our YouTube channel for more details on how to do a wither tracing.



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➼ Leather Type: Smooth Leather
➼ Color: Black with white stitching and silver hardware or Brown with gold stitching and brass hardware
➼ Horn Info: With or Without Horn
➼ Tree Type: Wood tree reinforced with steel
➼ Girth & Info: English style billets. 3 straps for multiple girthing points.
➼ Seat Size: 15 to 19
➼ Seat Depth: 3.5″
➼ Weight: 22lbs to 27lbs depending on seat size and with or without horn
➼ Saddle Type: Stock
➼ Panel Type: Serge
➼ Brand: Bad Dog Ranch

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3 reviews for Bad Dog Ranch Australian Stock Saddle

  1. Tari

    I purchased a black hornless Kimberley Stock as my first Aussie saddle, to see how I felt about it. I was trained english and switched to western which I did not like. Being a middle aged woman I no longer felt english saddles had enough security, and my western saddle caused too much pain in my hips and knees. The Kimberley Stock is excellent! I gave a wither tracing of my horse and photos of him, and my saddle fits him perfectly. It is very comfortable for long (3+ hours) rides. The only negatives are if you have very short legs you may wish to look for a saddle with shorter flaps, you will need some protection on the stirrup leathers to stop the wearing on the flaps, the stirrups have no traction at all and are very wide and heavy, and in my case the poley were not exactly symmetrically in place. It does not affect the saddle use but it bothers me nonetheless. It is a great starter Aussie and my next one will be a much larger investment.

  2. Mayra Paldon

    I decided to take a chance and buy the Bad Dog Ranch stock saddle. Wow, I am really happy with this saddle and the leather is really nice, a great improvement over the Downunder saddle I once had; it was a Kimberly and I hated the leather on that saddle. I also have had a couple of Syd Hill saddles. Those had beautiful leather but the flaps were so long it was a problem for me. The Bad Dog Stock saddle has shorter flaps so is great. I sent in wither tracings of my horse so this saddle fits perfectly. And it is very comfortable, I ride in the Sierra Mountains and remain in comfort after hours of riding. Highly recommend.

  3. Hailey (verified owner)

    I LOVE the bad dog ranch Australian stock saddle! It’s a beautiful saddle, well made, and comfortable. Amber was a huge help, she was extremely responsive to all my emails and answered all my questions. My horse is round and large with mutton withers and the saddle is a great fit. I’m really happy with the quality workmanship on the saddle. The stitching is beautiful, and the leather is thick and soft, it has plenty of dee rings. I love the stirrup leathers and they don’t hurt my knees! The stirrup irons are really nice and have good grip- never had a problem loosing stirrups. The flaps aren’t too long like some Australian saddles and I’m really happy about that. The billets are really thick and strong. All the hardware is excellent quality. The saddle seats me in the perfect position and I’ve had the chance to ride in it several times. It’s Immediately comfortable And There’s no breaking in period for the saddle and I’m extremely impressed. I prefer this saddle to my big heavy western saddle. It’s light probably 20lbs and easy to lift onto my horse. It works with both English and western saddle pads, so I can use my whole saddle pad collection with it. I love the serge panels on the bottom of the saddle, they’ve molded to my horses back shape and it fits him even better than when I first got it. It’s really nice to know I can get the saddle readjusted if needed for free. I’ve had many saddles English, western, other Aussie saddles, but this one is by far my favorite one ever, I’d pick my bad dog ranch saddle every time.

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