Felt Shimmed Saddle Pad

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Made with 100% North American wool felt,  and made in Canada. Best quality in wool felt pads. Contoured wool felt pad with shims when needed for correcting saddle fit.

Recommended for horses with high and narrow withers, curved backs, or narrow spines. Horses with these types of conformation usually need extra padding in order to protect the soft tissue of the back. The shims will fill into those areas and protect your horse from possible damage to the muscles. You can decide how many shims you need to use and in which area of the back. Seasonal changes can also be a good reason to use shim pad when the horse is not in condition.

Shimmed pads are also convenient for using one saddle with multiple horses. If the horses have different conformations then padding up the more narrow horse will help to protect that horse’s back and keep them comfortable while riding.

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➼ Material: Wool felt (F11)
➼ Colour: Grey Wool Felt with leather wear in Brown, Red, Black, Antique Red
➼ Wither Relief
➼ Contoured Spine
➼ Sweat Flap Keeper Strap
➼ Saddle Ties

➼ Dimensions: Spine: 27″ X 40″

➼ Made by: Bad Dog Ranch

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Saddle Pad thickness

1/2", 1/4", 3/8"


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