Kimberley Stock

I purchased a black hornless Kimberley Stock as my first Aussie saddle, to see how I felt about it. I was trained english and switched to western which I did not like. Being a middle aged woman I no longer felt english saddles had enough security, and my western saddle caused too much pain in my hips and knees. The Kimberley Stock is excellent! I gave a wither tracing of my horse and photos of him, and my saddle fits him perfectly. It is very comfortable for long (3+ hours) rides. The only negatives are if you have very short legs you may wish to look for a saddle with shorter flaps, you will need some protection on the stirrup leathers to stop the wearing on the flaps, the stirrups have no traction at all and are very wide and heavy, and in my case the poley were not exactly symmetrically in place. It does not affect the saddle use but it bothers me nonetheless. It is a great starter Aussie and my next one will be a much larger investment.

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